The Red Door Escape Room Story

Red Door Escape Room didn't start as a business, it started as a game

...a very strange game in a church. 

After playing his first escape game in October 2014, Dan Huynh discovered a passion for this new concept that is currently sweeping the world. He wanted to bring this amazing experience to the college students at his church and so decided to design his own escape game. It was meant to be an enjoyable game as well as a team building exercise for all players. He used his church's century old building as the eerie setting for the game which also helped develop the story of the game as well. Thus, the escape episode ‘CONFINEMENT' was created.

The participants loved the game and immediately requested another one be created. Because of the feedback, Dan began to consider how to bring this experience to even more people. After some research and brainstorming, Dan and his wife partnered with a long-time friend and together created Red Door Escape Room in Southlake, Texas. Their passion in providing communities with exciting memories and a new experience has grown so much over the year. Red Door Escape Room is constantly creating newer and better games - with locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Greater Sacramento areas!

Our Timeline

Breaking ground for Red Door Southlake

Grand Opening of RD Southlake with Entrapment, Prison Break, and Confinement

Hosted first corporate event

CEO Nick Madden joined the team

Reached 20,000 guests

Signed lease for Red Door Plano

Broke the record for most reviews in one month

Reached 40,000 guests

Red Door Plano Launch

Our Mission

Our mission is to deepen relationships
between people through creative entertainment.

Our Values

People Over Profit

We value our staff and our customers over profit. While diligent with our bottom line, above all, we treat individuals with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Growth Over comfort

We strive at all times to grow, not just from a business standpoint, but also socially and intellectually.

Authenticity Over image

We will always be honest with our employees and customers; in return we expect and welcome the same.

Gratitude Over Thrills

We love bringing joy to our customers and our employees. The joy we bring to people is the reason we come to work every day.

Servant Leadership
Over titles

We lead by example and teach our employees to do the same. Positions of leadership are earned from acts of selflessness, by actions rather than words.

Over All-Stars

We work smarter and not harder - that’s cause we reach out for help when needed and we extend help when asked.

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