Virtual Reality vs. Escape Rooms

So you already know that you want to have a great time at Red Door, but which experience should you try today?

Whether it’s your first time at Red Door or you’re a seasoned escape artist, there are several factors to consider when making the choice between our new virtual reality experience or a classic escape room. This guide will highlight the major differences between the two so you can get ready for the fun!


The most obvious difference between virtual reality and escape rooms is the fact that VR utilizes computer-generated images to create a realistic environment. While some may be awestruck by the detail and design of VR, others may have a deeper appreciation for something more tangibly “real.” In this case, the classic escape room offers handmade and equally realistic sets.


While both VR and ER utilize some level of technology, VR requires the player to function with technological extensions of his or her body. You see what you were designed to see and your hands are replaced with remotes. Depending on how intuitive you are, this might not be a big deal. However, for many first-timers, the tech can cause a bit of a stall in the game as they get used to it. Kids and adults alike can easily figure VR out in a snap, so it has nothing to do with age. A successful VR player is intuitive and moderately tech-savvy.


In a VR, you’ll be placed in a room by yourself equipped with a headset and remotes as shown above. Instead of face-to-face interactions with your teammates as would occur in an escape room, you’ll only be able to see other players’ virtual avatars and hear them through your headset. It doesn’t mean you’ll be alone and it certainly doesn’t mean VR requires no teamwork. But the ease of this change varies from person to person. If you tend to communicate and understand better via body language and other visual cues, it may be difficult for you to keep up with your team in VR. But if you’re willing to take on this challenge, then VR is for you.


If you’ve been to one of our escape rooms before, you know that there are some pretty brain-teasing puzzles that you need to solve in order to escape on time. Escape rooms test your problem-solving skills and creativity with number and word association along with cryptic riddles. Finding clues upon clues and solving puzzles upon puzzles will lead you to victory. The difference in VR is that the gameplay focuses more on completing challenges. While the challenges aren’t always immediately apparent—making them slightly puzzling at first—once you know what you need to do, there isn’t too much analytical thinking. Instead, you’ll want to unlock your intuition and practical insight to achieve the game goals. For example, if you have an object that your teammate needs, you should throw it to them. It’s simple and something you would do in a real-life application.

While virtual reality and escape rooms each have their differences, one thing they definitely have in common is great fun. Just like an escape room, the joy in the experience comes from being in the virtual environment with the people you are there with. Come experience that joy today!

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