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Team Member of the Month

Team Member of the Month

Luis Cordero (EL Paso)

Luis is consistently going above and beyond for his location and his guests with exceptional service and a positive attitude! He even won a competition between team members for the highest amount of Same Day Bookings, and captures shout outs & reviews like an absolute pro.

He’s made many memorable experiences for guests (and himself) and said his favorites are the ones he can translate clues in different languages! “They immediately love the idea in turn love our escape rooms because we care about their experience and that they have an incredible time.” If that doesn’t sound like a rockstar Game master, I don’t know what does!

Luis has an obsession with pizza. “Pizza is life for me...and pizza is a food that will be in heaven” he says.

Luis get’s his killer style from ‘H&M’, his favorite store, and has the secret talent of an insanely incredible memory and can recall even the strangest and most detailed facts! He is a simple man. When asked what’s on his bucket list, Luis humbly responded, “It’s nothing interesting, but a to do item on my bucket list is to go see my favorite band Kings Kaleidoscope and take a vacation with my family and girlfriend. We have not taken a vacation in years and to do that would be a dream come true”.

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