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Team Member of the Month


Delaine has been with us a month and a half. She has been taking initiative, and is striving in her position at Red Door! Her favorite fast food on the job is Whataburger, but is down for the occasional change depending on her mood. She hopes to one day explore all of the national parks in the country over the summer. Read more about Delaine below:

"My favorite part about Red Door is the people that work here and the environment. They hold good values and everyone treats each other with respect. My favorite Red Door escape episode would have to be the Gift. I like the story line and the way that the room is laid out. It is very detailed and thought out which makes it the most fun! My most memorable (and embarrassing) experience would have to be the one time I had the key to the next room in my pocket and I walked around looking for it for at least 5 minutes! One of my hidden talents is that I can breath through my tear ducts."

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