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Team Member of the Month


Our first Team Member of the Month for the new year is Brooke from our Southlake location! You better believe she loves RD--she first became a Red Key holder before her passion led her to join the team in Southlake. But Brooke's passion extends beyond escape games. She's got a huge heart for people. Let me tell you a story worth telling. While a family was waiting in the lobby for a game to start, Brooke learned that they were there to celebrate their daughter's one year liver transplant anniversary. Brooke then went to the back as they played, got some cupcakes, set some candles on them, and made a card for the daughter. After the family finished playing, Brooke and a few other staff greeted them and thanked the daughter for sharing that special occasion with them. The family was thrilled and requested a picture together to commemorate the experience.

Thank you Brooke for being amazing! Read more about her below:

Brooke has been with Red Door since August of 2018 and has played over 40 escape rooms! She likes getting to show her personality when she interact with guests. The feeling of getting requested from what she considers to be her "regulars" is one of the best feelings! Her favorite episode is Entrapment. At Red Door, we encourage our staff to make the games their own with the ability to change and renovate puzzles. Brooke has done this. She says that it’s a great feeling watching her groups challenge to finish the puzzles she's created. Some of her favorite game master experiences are from the Confinement episode. Brooke: "I have great stories of groups getting so scared I had to go into the game and walk them through to the next room because of fear of the unknown." 

Fun fact: Don't let Brooke hustle you - she is surprisingly good at bowling!

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