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Team Member of the Month

Team Member of the Month


Darryl Stinson is Red Door’s Team Member of the Month!  Let me just say that this has been long overdue! Darryl’s fellow design team members have said a number of great things behind his back.  But his positive attitude and amazing work ethic are secret no more!  Darryl simply goes above and beyond what is asked or expected.  He gives more hours than he’s scheduled for, he’s purchased items for RD on his own dime, he exudes positivity and gratefulness during stressful game installations, and he puts his heart into his work because he cares.

Darryl, thank you for who you are and what you do as part of our team! Read more about Darryl below:

Darryl has been with Red Door since August of 2018. He is constantly improving at his jobs, whether is building or painting. He learns new techniques on his own time and really know how to adapt them to whatever it is that he is working on. His favorite Red Door episode is Once Upon A Time because the fantasy element allows a lot of creativity and fun scenic things to make. Darryl puts in crazy amounts of work hours week in and week out both on and off the clock. He doesn’t hesitate to take on additional responsibilities, even ones that most people would consider undesirable,  like packing up all of our props, and working in the hot paint bay. Darryl has been a great asset to the team and continues to challenge the way we work, think, and operate!

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