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Why Red Door?

At Red Door Escape Room, we specialize in fully-immersive escape room experiences. Using technology, creativity and artistry we work passionately to bring human connection back into the world of entertainment.

If you're someone who likes creative challenges, loves new experiences and enjoys spending time with friends and family, you're going to love Red Door. We provide high quality escape room experiences and are committed to bringing you an unparalleled adventure that will excite and engage your entire group. Five-star experiences are our baseline - we shoot for six!

What is an Escape Room?

Red Door Escape creates immersive escape rooms that encourage human connection where teams of 2-8 people need to solve puzzles, hints and clues to escape a series of rooms in under 60 minutes. 

Each escape room episode is uniquely themed where your team has a common objective in order to escape the room. Our episodes deepen relationships, encourage communication and collaboration, and are enjoyable by all!

Parties and Events

Red Door is perfect for all types of events! From formal outings with your work teams, sports teams, and leadership teams to less formal outings like date night, birthday parties, and family outings. Our staff members are your go-to planners for your next event.

Date Night

Spice it up with something other than the movies and dinner! Our episodes encourage communication and collaboration, but keep the adrenaline high with the clock counting down! 


Birthdays are meant to be celebrated! Here at Red Door, we celebrate with you. We put the ease in the planning so that you can spend more time celebrating!

Team Building

There’ll be a ‘world’s best boss’ mug waiting on your desk after an outing with us! We’ll challenge your staff’s communication, collaboration and teamwork throughout our episode! (Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for work-relationships damaged by the competitiveness in our episodes.)

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Your Adventure Starts Here

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Wait—How Does An Escape Room Work?

You have a curious mind, we like that! If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to bring together my friends and family and lock them in a room for a special occasion” then this video is for you! Our CEO gives the lowdown on how we can put you in a spaceship, enchanted land, or even (make-believe) prison. We provide a freakin’ fantastic experience, where escape means using your brain and the brains of those closest to you to pull off a daring breakout. Go ahead and give this video a click and see for yourself!

We Aim To Please And To Brain Tease

Best escape room I’ve ever been to. Really does put the escape room in my hometown to shame.
- Josie D.
The games were amazing and the people even better. Thank you!- Katie R.
AMAZING place! This was our 7th escape room and by far one of the best ones.- Mike D.
We loved our experience. We planned for only one escape room, but stayed for two escape room experiences.- Nate Y.
The games were amazing and the people even better. Thank you!- Katie R.
AMAZING place! This was our 7th escape room and by far one of the best ones.- Mike D.
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What is an Escape Room?

Easy. Escape rooms are 45-60 minute creative challenges where you are working with your team to solve puzzles, hints, and clues to break out. If you love new experiences and enjoy spending time with friends and family, you’ll love an escape room.

Here at Red Door, we are escape room enthusiasts at our core turned escape room designers! Our ultimate goal is to surprise and delight you all throughout our episodes. Whether it’s stumping you on a puzzle, challenging you for your next escape, or just bringing you together with your group for a great time.

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