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Note: This episode contains two identical episodes at this location, each side being its own private experience. Please choose either side 1 or side 2 at checkout. Click the book now in the top right corner to see all available times.

Your good friend, Adam, has found and purchased the perfect gift for his fiancé.  Unfortunately, the item is still sitting in his uncle's antique store, and no one is available to unlock the door after closing.  Adam vaguely recalls some secret way to get in the store but can't remember exactly how. Help him figure out how to get in, retrieve the gift, and get out in time for his celebration with his beloved.

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming name - The Gift is one of the highest rated episodes at Red Door and an owners favorite. Beginning in an old european-style storefront, this episode will challenge your creativity- be ready to think outside the box.

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