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The year is 2217 and a group from your organization has disappeared... into a temporal rift that may cause humanity to disappear forever. Your team's mission is to rescue them and repair any damages caused by the temporal rift.  Enjoy the different worlds that you visit but be careful, you only have 45 minutes before time begins to warp and you’re stuck there forever! It's your turn to be the hero.

Our first offering outside of escape rooms, Mission 1 is the best multiplayer virtual reality we have seen to date. While still a great team-building experience with incredible immersion, Mission 1 is very different from our escape rooms. Mission 1 focuses on action puzzles, rather than intellectual challenges, and is about exploring different worlds, rather than beating the clock. Not to be discounted, as escape room-lovers at heart, we offer Mission 1 because we think it's an awesome team-building experience, unlike any experience we have seen. 

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Red Door Escape Room

Sacramento - Mission One

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