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Note: This episode contains two identical episodes at this location, each side being it's own private experience. Please choose either side 1 or side 2 at checkout. Click the book now in the top right corner to see all available times.

You’ve received a rather cryptic journal from your missing graduate professor, Dr. Summerlee. Gather your classmates, travel to his last known coordinates and locate him before the jungle... or, perhaps something worse, claims you.

Owner's Commentary

We recommend this episode for anyone who is competitive or for anyone who would like to escape ancient lost ruins (think Indiana Jones). Yes, we are looking at you. Our head to head game in Plano, this is a crowd favorite. Two people on one side, no problem. 6v6 is no problem either... unless you are a sore loser.

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Red Door Escape Room

Plano - Lost Ruins

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