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Thump, thump. Thump, thump.

Your heart's the only sound that’s heard in these eerie walls. In this thriller, your team will uncover the mystery that Scarlett holds deep inside of her heart. Her story is the story you’ll live for the next 60 minutes. With thrills, frills, and chills, this episode will send shivers down your spine while your team reveals her story untold. Save her before it’s you that needs saving!

We recommend Confinement for larger groups (4+ participants) who are looking for a thrill. Definitely high-pressure, Confinement was the episode that gave birth to Red Door Escape Room (our story). There are no live actors in this episode (except for Halloween), but we will promise your heart and mind racing.

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Red Door Escape Room

OKC Penn Square - Confinement

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