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This was supposed to be an excellent adventure, but it has turned into a totally bogus journey.  You and your friends decide to borrow your uncle’s time machine - none of you meant to disrupt the inter-dimensional galactic timezone continuum but that’s exactly what happened and you’ve got to fix it.  You must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, because now each of your friends is trapped in a different era, and it’s causing a time riffle.  The time machine’s battery is draining fast and you need to get back to your original date before you’re all permanently trapped in different times!

Owner's Commentary

Time Machine is our most difficult game to date, not because of the puzzles, but because of the communication needed to escape. If it's your first time playing an escape room, we would recommend starting on another episode. Split into 4 different rooms to begin, you are only as good as your weakest link - if one group is struggling, your whole team will feel the pressure. Communicate well and this is definitely one of our most exciting episodes with some of our favorite technology.

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Fort Worth - Time Machine

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