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When your Uncle tells you not to touch his time machine, you only have one thought on your mind.... Now you're scattered through time, trying to bring your team back to the present in one piece. Groove through the 70's, ride through medieval times and come back from the future - Time  Machine offers our most diverse experience to date. With a 5% escape rate, only the bravest, the most daring and the most talkative teams survive.

Time Machine is our most difficult game to date, not because of the puzzles, but because of the communication needed to escape. If it's your first time playing an escape room, we would recommend starting on another episode. Split into 4 different rooms to begin, you are only as good as your weakest link - if one group is struggling, your whole team will feel the pressure. Communicate well and this is definitely one of our most exciting episodes with some of our favorite technology.

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Red Door Escape Room

Fort Worth - Time Machine

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