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It’s not everyday you get to compete on prime time’s highest rated game show.  But that’s exactly what you’ll get a chance to do when you appear on “Cash Me If You Can." Contestants compete as team versus team to see who collects the most money inside the game show’s casino.  The stakes are sky high and the adrenaline even higher as both teams race against the clock and against each other!

Note: This episode contains two identical episodes at this location, each side being its own private experience. Please choose either side 1 or side 2 at checkout. Click the book now in the top right corner to see all available times.

Escape Room Price:

4+ Guests        $26/Person
3 Guests           $28/Person
2 Guests           $30/Person

This episode definitely has the feeling of “go, go go” until the last second! With a number of bonus puzzles to gain chips, 60 minutes is enough time to get to each one. If you want an added challenge, bring a larger group and play this as a head-to-head competition.

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