The “Wild West” Steps Outside the Stockyards


June 2019
HOWDY Y’ALL! Put on your cowboy hat, strap on them spurs, and get ready to light up some dynamite!

There’s nothing better than an episode that captures the heritage of Fort Worth, where the Wild West” began Need a little inspiration? Check out the Fort Worth Stockyards!

Wild West challenges you and your team to help reclaim your town from the infamous gang of outlaws known as the Brahmin Boys. The boys have locked up the town’s gunslingers and shot the sheriff dead. Now, you’ve only got 60 minutes before their whole posse returns from looting the neighboring town. There was a time for peace, but now it’s a shootout!

This adventurous episode is designed for two to seven participants, and like every escape room at Red Door, teamwork is key! This makes it a perfect activity for friends, family, or a non-traditional (aka non-boring) team building event!

The town needs YOUR help. Whatddya say pardner? Are ya up for the challenge?

If you love Fort Worth and Western-themed escape rooms, check out our friends at The Secret Chambers, right down the street. They offer an episode called, “The Mafia Adventure” where you will track down Bonnie and Clyde like old school detectives. At the end you will grasp a feel of the West...can’t say much more because I don't want to ruin the surprise, but you won’t be disappointed!

Check out the Wild West trailer Or join the adventure today!

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