What To Do On Halloween: 5 Haunted House Alternatives


October 2017

There are just 10 more days until Halloween! Have you put together your costume yet? Did you get a good deal on candy? What are your plans? 

If you don’t have plans yet, I’ve got you! Whether you're tired of haunted houses, itching for a thrill, or looking for family friendly options—look no further! Here are FIVE haunted house alternatives to try this Halloween:


Fun for all! If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the Monster Mash in Southlake or The Grapeyard in Grapevine are two awesome events for family fun! If you can’t find any local carnivals in your community, there usually are some church-hosted Harvest Festivals or Trunk-or-Treat events around this time. A simple search is all you have to do to find one near you.


These are a great option for the whole family too, babies included. You can pick out the best pumpkins in the patch and carve or paint them at home. Why not have a pumpkin pageant with your family? Best-looking pumpkin wins. Pumpkin patches usually have some treats and fun activities like hayrides or petting zoos too!


There are lots of theme parks that host a special Halloween event every year. Probably one of the most popular parks around Halloween is Six Flags for their annual Fright Fest. There are over a dozen parks across the States! Be prepared for a scare and maybe bring a few of your bravest friends for backup. As a wise fictional high school once sang, “we’re all in this together.”


This is another activity for the courageous. Or, if you’re like me, the curious and afraid. Some movie theatres offer screenings of classic horror films around Halloween (like The Texas Theatre in Dallas), but there are always new scary movies for the season too. And if you don’t want to go out to the theatre, you can host your own movie night at home with your friends and family. Bonus: really scary movies can help you burn a few calories, so you can feel less guilty about putting extra butter on your popcorn. Or spare yourself the fright and watch a kid-friendly Halloween movie (my favorite is The Nightmare Before Christmas). You can still add extra butter, I won’t tell.


Escape rooms are the cooler alternative. Red Door Escape Room is the coolest. We’re not as scary as a haunted house, but we still can give you a thrill. Red Door is the perfect option if you’re planning to hang out with a small group of friends or even if you want to play an episode with the family—there’s something for everyone. Book now for a special Halloween ex-fear-ience!

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