What the Easter Bunny doesn't tell you about Easter: Easter 2020!


April 2020
It’s that time of year again!

Springtime means the leaves are growing back, people are cleaning out their homes, and the Easter Bunny is absolutely everywhere. Easter is a colorful and fun-filled holiday that oftentimes has fun and goofy traditions. With so much going on, we can easily forget what Easter is truly about and why we celebrate it.

Let’s first talk about the history of Easter.✝️

The holiday originates from Christianity and, at its beginning, was only a religious event. Christians participated in fasting and then feasted for multiple days. They celebrated the death and resurrection (coming back to life) of Jesus Christ and his victory over death. Easter today is still celebrated by Christians around the world and is still one of the most important holidays to them, with Christmas probably on the same level. Like Christmas, over the years, Easter has been commercialized and more or less, hijacked by corporations and the media.

So what’s up with the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs?🐰🐣

Unfortunately, there just isn’t a lot of info on where these traditions came from in history. Bunnies are a symbol of growth and birth and associated with springtime. While the eggs similarly represent fertility and birth. These traditions were most likely used by other religions and cultures marking the beginning of spring and were eventually adapted into the Easter holiday.

As a Christian company, we believe that Easter is more than these things, but we still enjoy them. We can participate in traditions like egg hunts, and egg decorating and not betray the true spirit of Easter. Easter is about connecting people and caring for each other. It’s about quality time with the people we love and being thankful for the time we have with each other. And, ultimately, the holiday is about the incredible gift that Jesus gave to the world. A way to overcome death and the gift of bringing light, love, joy, and purpose into a dark and helpless world. Because of Easter there is hope, and that is a pretty great reason to celebrate!

Happy Easter from our Red Door fam to yours!

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