What makes Good Friday 'Good'?


April 2020

To understand Christianity a bit; the foundation of the Christian faith is built upon the Gospel, also called the good news. To know how good something truly is, you also have to understand the bad. And in this case, the bad news is that we are all sinners under condemnation. Well, that seems harsh. Don’t worry; the good news is coming. (In this story, the good news has already come.)

In a world filled with sin, Jesus Christ was perfect and was sent to this earth to take on the burden of death for humankind. Now, how is that good news? Jesus loves us and paid the price for us so that we can live free from the weight of sin. It’s our choice whether or not we accept his forgiveness. We love because he first loved. 

Good Friday is a story with a message of hope in a dark world. It’s a love story of sacrifice for all humankind. This is why we celebrate today, and this is why we encourage our Red Door family to spend time with their families and show them a similar love that was given to us through Jesus.

Stay tuned to find out what the Easter bunny has to do with Easter!

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