Top 3 Common Escape Room Puzzles


September 2019

At Red Door, we have 15 uniquely themed escape rooms, from a fairy-tale escape to breaking out of prison (yes, legally). Our in house design team creates and builds each episode and its puzzles. Their goal is to immerse and challenge you. For example, we have a popular casino themed escape room. When you walk in, you will feel as if you just landed in Las Vegas. Most of the puzzles are casino based so think roulette wheel, slot machines, and a dealers table.🎰 Each object doubles as a prop and a clue and will be needed to solve each puzzle.

Now that you have some insight let us dive deeper into the top 3 common escape room puzzles!

Logical puzzles

Logical puzzles are puzzles that do not require deep thought or multiple collaboration from teams. Logical puzzles are the most common type of puzzles you'll come across in our escape rooms. These can vary from identifying patterns, decrypting messages, or even finding clues that could be right in front of you.  For example, maybe you tried to connect the color of the walls to objects of the same colors. These are the puzzles that trigger the light bulb inside your brain, aka the AHA moment!💡

Hands-On Puzzles

Our escape rooms are created to challenge you, and they will make you forget about your 📲 and be 100% focused on escaping with your team. Hands-on puzzles, aka dexterity puzzles, require you to move around, use hand-eye coordination, and challenge you to find creative ways to work together to escape the room before you run out of time. For example, in one of our escape episode, you will need a teammate with patience and coordination to obtain an object that later will come in handy and will require a few throws!

Math/Numerical Puzzles

You just read the word "math" in the title, and you are probably thinking Pythagorean theorem but hold your horses, its nothing like that, there won't be long mathematical equations. Expect numerical sequences, or a collection of puzzles that have numbers assigned to each and voila it could be the key to get one step closer to your great escape.

If you have never played an escape room be sure to check out our what is an escape room post!

Check out all these common escape room puzzles at any of our Red Door locations!

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