July 2019
Woah, Wednesday just got a lot more exciting! "Why?" yOU MIGHT ask. We're launching Midweek Madness at Red Door Escape Room, where our episodes are only $20 per guest on Wednesdays for the rest of the Summer! 

Why are we calling this Midweek Madness? Because it's going to be the craziest day of the week. We are convinced that once people experience our escape rooms, they will be hooked. Therefore, we're offering the lowest priced escape rooms in the metro to make this a no-brainer decision for first-time players. We often ask ourselves; escape rooms have been around for over ten years, why hasn't everyone tried one? Here are a few things we hear all the time... 

Numero Uno. The word "escape room" can seem scary for people who haven't tried it yet. Let's be clear, we're not frightening, and you're not locked in small spaces (no matter what you've seen on TV). When we say our escape rooms are "real" and "immersive," we mean that they are hands-on, interactive experiences where you are entirely immersed in a specific theme like Prison Break, The Lost Ruins or the fairy-tale Once Upon a Time. 

Numero Dos. Escape rooms sound super brainy. Fun fact, our escape rooms require much more creativity and communication than straight brainpower. Escape rooms may sound complicated, but they are actually pretty straightforward: you'll find clues as a team, and you work together to solve those clues and escape a series of rooms. If your team works well together, you'll end by slamming your hand on our red button and celebrating with your team.  

Numero Tres. Pricing. The average cost for an escape room can be up to $40 per person for a one-hour game. If you haven't played before, that's a high price to pay for a new experience. Thanks to our promotion, that shouldn't be an excuse anymore!

For a memorable and thrilling experience, get your friends or family together and tackle an escape room together. We expect our Wednesdays to get busy, so hurry on over and book your next experience! Be a private investigator (Last Stop and Entrapment), break out of prison (Prison break), wander through a magical kingdom (Once Upon a Time aka the kids favorite); take a stroll through a circus (Fair Game aka the family & kid favorite.)

Check us out at our escape rooms in Plano, Southlake, Fort Worth, El Paso, Sacramento, and Concord!

Red Door Esape Room - Friends night out!
Finally, you have a reason to look forward to the middle of the week. We'll see you at Midweek Madness!

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