“Last Stop” Mini Game Episode!


December 2018

Christmas is only days away! I hope you’ve got all your plans together but even more, I hope you’re excited to celebrate!

If you’re still in need of a quick bonding activity, we’re thrilled to announce our brand new episode now open at Fort Worth, El Paso, and OKC Chisholm Creek: “LAST STOP.” Not only is this a brand new episode to Red Door, but it’s especially unique showcasing slightly different gameplay and design.

“Last Stop on the L Train” (its full name) is an exciting 25-minute murder mystery storyline. A mini-game designed for two to three participants, your strongest tool in “Last Stop” will be deductive reasoning rather than puzzle-solving as you’ve used in our other escape rooms. While this new experience is definitely similar to an escape room, we think it’s more like the board game Clue and that has a lot to do with the story...

The Story:
You and your team of private investigators are on a murder case that took place in an alleyway under the L train. We need you to ID the vic, figure out the time of death, what the murder weapon was and the motive behind it all. Oh, and one more thing - find the person who did it! You only have 30 minutes before the feds take this case away from you. Good luck, Chief.

“Last Stop” is not just a game for fans of detective stories. Everyone will enjoy the challenge and thrill of this fresh and imaginative episode! So, calling all Sherlocks and Watsons, “the game is afoot.”

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! We’re looking forward to your next visit!

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