Prison Break Storyline!


August 2019

Here is your chance to break out of prison legally! (That's if you escape!) 

What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation in Southeast Asia has taken a wrong turn... 

You are stuck in a prison cell and need to get out before a terrorist group known as the Fallen returns. Your group finds a secret recording left behind by your friend, Adam, who has previously escaped (check out the recording below). In the recording, he tells you that he’s left some clues behind that will help you escape. Now, who is this friend of yours and what was he doing in prison you ask?

Adam is a human activist and was in Asia fighting against human trafficking. He and his wife, Scarlett are passionate about this issue and were on a mission to save as many victims as possible. While in prison, Adam met Josh DeNaze Reth who was captured while doing mission work in Asia. Adam and Josh successfully found a way to escape, but only one of them survived. 

Don’t worry, everyone survives this episode, but not everyone escapes! With a suggested 32% escape rate, this episode is no walk in the park!

This episode is jam-packed with hands-on puzzles and perspective clues where if one person is looking at a clue, it might look like gibberish, but if another person looks at the same clue, it reveals a secret code! 

Prison Break is a fan favorite and our most popular episode available at our Southlake, Concord, Sacramento, and OKC Chisholm Creek locations!

Here is a starter to get your brain going. (Don't worry, this is very different from the hands-on challenges in our episode.)

Anyone of these prisoners has the chance to be set free if he guesses the color hat he is wearing. The prisoners know that an officer has four hats, two whites, and two blacks. Their officer places one hat on each prisoner without them knowing the color of their hat. Here is the catch: they can't turn or move, they can only see who is in front of them, and the first to speak is the only chance they get to answer. 

Which prisoner spoke first, and why is he confident of the color of his hat?
Answer: Prisoner B. How? Let us cross-check: Prisoner D is behind a wall so he has no clue what color hat he could be wearing. Prisoner C can only see a wall so he as well has no idea what color he could have on. Prisoner A can see that Prisoner B has a white hat and Prisoner C has a black hat. He then realizes he has a 50/50 chance of his hat being white or black, so he remains silent. Prisoner B can see that Prisoner C has a black hat. Prisoner B then realizes that Prisoner A has not spoken - which concludes that he and Prisoner C have opposite colored hats.

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