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August 2019
When someone's birthday, anniversary, or a holiday rolls around, most of us tend to wait until the last minute to pick up a gift. Yours truly: GUILTY AS CHARGED. You can probably relate to the last-minute dash, but you probably haven't gone so far as to break into a gift store after-hours… Welcome to The Gift.

In this episode, your closest friend, Adam, needs your help. He bought the perfect gift to give to his fiancee, Scarlett, but he forgot it inside of his uncle's shop. Unfortunately, his uncle is out of town, and he has dinner in an hour with Scarlett where he plans on giving her his gift. Adam is out of options, and he can't afford to buy anything else to cover his mistake. 

But hold on just a minute …you've heard Adam and Scarlett pop up before in our stories, what are they doing in The Gift? The Gift is actually the second in the chronology of Scarlett and Adam; the first is the story of Confinement. After Scarlett releases the guilt that she is holding on to in the relationship, she and Adam re-connect and get engaged. Their relationship touches lives in the episodes of Taken, Prison Break, and Entrapment, but, without The Gift, the thread would stop. No pressure :) 

(Note: you don't need to play these episodes in chronological order.) 

Back to Adam, he is getting ready for his big night and has recruited you and your friends to retrieve his gift from inside of the antique shop while he heads to dinner. You'll need to break into his uncle's shop (don't worry, he said it's okay - just don't break anything!), retrieve the gift, and turn off the silent alarm before the police show up! 

Be ready to have your creativity skills tested and be prepared to think outside the box! 

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