Escape Exercise: 5 Benefits of Escape Rooms


October 2017

Halloween is just around the corner, so get ready for tricks and treats! And‍... horror movies. Cue the screeching violins.

What is it about horror movies that draws us in? Maybe it’s our natural curiosity or our desire for a rush of adrenaline. Or maybe it’s because we can lose almost 200 calories by sitting around and being scared. Say what? A controlled study at Westminster University revealed that viewers were able to burn an average of 184 calories just by watching The Shining. If movies can do that, imagine what a thrilling escape room could do! Here are 5 exercises you’ll benefit from while playing an escape room:

    The dictionary defines cognition as “the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.” It involves things like attention, memory, reason, decision making, etc. Escape rooms engage all of these thought processes and put your brain to the test.

    This also falls under your cognitive drills. Working out puzzles is one of the best exercises to practice problem solving. Good thing escape rooms are full of puzzles! What’s the answer to this riddle? How can this pattern help me? Where does this code fit in? You’ll be a problem solving master by the time you get out of that room.

    Here's another cognitive drill. Studies show that working out puzzles can help maintain and enhance a healthy memory. You’ll come across many clues in an escape room and it’s often a challenge trying to remember them all. But that’s a good thing! Challenging your brain is how you’ll make it stronger.

    If you’ve been following our blog from the start, you already know how much we believe in teaming and how our escape rooms encourage and strengthen it. Communication and collaboration are key in order to beat the clock, and they’re key for a great team!

    You can't always just rely on logic. Sometimes you've got to be a little creative. Clues aren't always straightforward and answers aren’t always obvious. So you've got to think outside the box and the escape room environment is a great place to get that creative workout going!

And if a horror movie helps you burn calories, I bet an escape room could do the same. I mean, have you ever played Confinement? Cue the creepy nursery rhyme.

Not only will these exercises help you succeed in a 60 minute escape room, they'll help you succeed in every other aspect of life! So book an episode and keep on playing!

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