Creating a Culture of Teamwork


July 2017

At Red Door, we’ve observed that people often fall into roles when they play an escape room. The same happens in the workplace or in any group setting. The main roles that develop are usually innovator, counselor, and analyst. But when a group is filled with vastly different personality types, how do they work together towards success?

Even with the unique positions we assume in a group, there are three important characteristics that everyone should adopt in order to be successful in a team:


As important as it is to voice your own ideas, it is equally important to listen to someone else’s. Placing yourself above others will leave you on your own and leave your team feeling overshadowed. Playing on equal ground will encourage collaboration and innovation, and everyone will get to enjoy the same level of success! A humble team member will be able to recognize when they’ve made a mistake, and will be able to appreciate the strengths of their fellow teammates–creating a foundation for respectful and harmonious teamwork.


Natural skill versus developed skill, is one greater than the other? No. But what can make one greater? Hunger. Passion-driven work is what leads to success. This trait will keep you and your team focused and motivated to achieve your goal.


It’s no secret that some of the most successful people in the world are also some of the smartest. But success isn’t gained just by reading how-to books. Success happens when you bring others along for the journey, and that means being aware of how other people react and interact in different situations. When building a team, it is essential that all members are emotionally conscious of their teammates and have the “EQ” (emotional quotient) to know how to bring a diverse team together towards a common goal.

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