Clean Family Fun! Private Experiences to Keep you Safe.


May 2020

We can all feel trapped by our phones and technology, especially at home after a month of quarantine! Don’t worry, we can help reconnect you with friends and family through fun and challenging escape rooms. Our private episodes allow you to safely experience the escape with just your group!

How will the private experience work?

1. Find your team!

Call up your family, your friends, and your closest buds! This is an experience everyone can get involved with!

2. Choose from any of our family-friendly (and private) escape experiences!

We have a variety of episodes ranging from a fairytale to a casino themed. Check out your nearest Red Door location for availability!

3. Contactless Check-in!

We highly encourage you to sign waivers and check-in online (waiver is sent the day before your experience via email!)
Tip: Answer the riddle of the week to receive a free clue! 

4. Enter into one of our sweet looking episodes - you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a whole new world!

5. Solve puzzles, hints, and clues to escape (or ^Almost Escape! 😜)

6. Share the new memories you just made with a photo! Remember to tag us @reddoorescape to get featured!

We just set your weekday or weekend plans! No need to thank us, just start gathering your group and schedule an experience. If you have any questions, please give us a call, email, or click that blue messenger circle on our location page to chat. Check out our new tiered escape room prices under our episode descriptions. We can’t wait to see you!

             Real Fun. Real Connection.

Read More or watch the trailer for the following escape episodes:

Wild West, Fair Game, Cash Me If You CanTime Machine, Lost Ruins, The Gift, The Warrior's Way, Encounter, Entrapment, Once Upon a Time, Confinement, Prison Break, Taken

Check out our Mini-Games (45 min experiences):

Captain Maniacals Lair-Bratorium (available at Penn Square Mall only), Last Stop 

Do you love video games?

Check out our Virtual Reality!

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