3 Great Ice Breaker Activities for Team Building at Work


July 2017

If your team is just starting out or even if your group at work needs a little practice with TEAMING, look no further! We have 3 great and fun activities that will help you break the ice and develop your team’s communication, collaboration, and creativity:

Printable Bingo Card (with Categories)


Duration: 10-20 minutes
Benefits: Promotes team communication and helps you get to know your team.
Tools: Printable Bingo Card (with Categories) or Printable Bingo Card (Blank)

  1. Hand out a printed bingo card and a pen to each player OR project the bingo card on a large screen.
  2. Give players at least 5 minutes to mingle and find teammates who fit the categories on their card. You must talk with the person if you’re writing their name down!
  3. The first player(s) to have 5 in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) shouts BINGO! If you’re playing with a large group, it’s fun to allow multiple winners so you can hear about more people.
  4. Have winners verify their filled spaces by calling out the names they’ve written down and allowing either the winner or the person named to give details. (For example: If the winner says that Nicole can play an instrument, find out which instrument she plays! This is an opportunity for everyone to learn something new about people on their team.)


Duration: Varies depending on group size
Benefits: Promotes team communication and helps you get to know your team.
Tools: 1-2 dice

  1. Create a numbered list of fun questions for your team to answer. (For example: “What’s your favorite TV show?” “If you won the lottery, what would you spend your money on first?”)
  2. Each player takes a turn rolling the dice.
  3. The number rolled indicates the question they must answer. If you want more than six questions, use two dice.
  4. Continue going around the circle until everyone has answered a question!

The latest model of high-tech hot air balloons.


Duration: 1 minute for building; presentation time will vary depending on group size
Benefits: Encourages team collaboration and creativity.
Tools: Per team: 5 water balloons (unfilled), 2 foam bowls, 2 small paper cups, 6 bendable straws, and 8 toothpicks.

  1. Split your group into even teams.
  2. Set a timer for 1 minute and allow each team to create and build whatever they can with only the tools listed above. Team members should be working together to decide on what they’ll invent and how they’ll invent it!
  3. After time is up, allow each team to present and describe their invention!

After you’ve had some fun, top it off by reinforcing the positivity of TEAMING and offer an awesome reward to the winners. While sweets are the usual go-to prize, winning an escape room experience could be the perfect exclamation point at the end of your team building statement! But the best prize will surely be how much closer and stronger your team will be afterwards. Work hard, play hard!

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